Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Quick Update

A quick update.. will post more later.

My favourite part of the day is catching the local bus. It's really fun watching all the different people get on and off, who you get to sit next to, and driving through the sometimes narrow streets of Noumea where people are standing around smoking, or walking to their business. Also, the bus driver usually has loud music blaring through the bus. On one bus yesterday we had the French version of the hymn, "I know who holds tomorrow."

Everyone was tired today - so we were glad for a slower day, shopping at the markets in the morning and the cultural centre in the afternoon. This is the main shopping day for the kids, and they got some really cool things, and picked up pain au chocolate for morning tea and cold drinks at the cafe. 200 francs for iced tea!

We walked into the centre of town and relaxed for awhile in the shade before getting some lunch at the supermarket. Today is the last day in New Caledonia that you can use the old money, so we discussed who needed to used up the old.

We caught a very nice bus, along with another school group from Australia to the cultural centre where George our guide took us around their amazing building. It was fascinating learning about the history of the Kanak people and viewing their traditional homes.

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